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shell indetectable

domingo, 28 de noviembre de 2010 | Tags: | 1 Comentarios

This shell is developed by ITSecTeam members and it can:

  • execute system commands
  • execute bypass command
  • bypass directory
  • connect to common databases like MsSQL, MsSQL, PostgreSQL, Oracle & DB2
  • edit files & directories
and new version features:
  • Adding server informaton, php version and safe mode to the top of the shell page for ease of use.
  • System drives listing.
  • Adding icons to files and folders.
  • Opening files with direct link.
  • Downloading all of the files and folders of a special folder in zip format without using a specific function.
  • Direct downloading a file.
  • Maintaining working directory to use of whole site features.
  • Adding symlink in 2 ways: using os command line and php abilities.
  • Changing string to other formats.
  • Mail Boomber.
  • Local Crashing of php and apache.
  • Dumping databse into sql and gzip format.
  • Mass defacing of all folders with write access permission.
  • Downloading a file from other servers.
  • Performing remote DDoS attack.
  • Searching for all writable folders.
  • Bypass symlink and Mod security via htaccess and disabling safe mode and disable functions via php.ini if server configured unsuitable.
  • Remonving shell automatically.
  • Copying a file without using copy function.
  • Changing of shell template.
  • Removing bugs of former versions.
  • Adding event of last activities.
  • Disabling magic qoute in runtime.
  • and so much more...


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