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sábado, 11 de abril de 2009 | Tags: | 9 comentario [ Mas... ]

Pagina Vulnerable a Xss por CaZs (Apocalipsis)


Advanced Email Extractor & Extractor Pro

Advanced Email Extractor & Extractor Pro
Ambos son full con su respectivo crack.

Advanced Email Extractor es una herramienta que se encarga de extraer las direcciones de correo electrónico de las páginas de Internet así como también de los archivos de texto que tengas en tu disco.

La gran ventaja de este programa frente a otros de este tipo es que el Advanced Email Extractor permite cargar simultáneamente varias paginas, acelerando el tiempo del proceso al máximo.


Extractor Pro es un programa util que te permite crear, cargar y esportar tus direcciones de email, para hacer una base de datos.


http://www.kinzighaus.de/ hacked

http://www.ogndal.net hacked

viernes, 10 de abril de 2009 | Tags: | 0 comentario [ Mas... ]

hacked http://www.heresminnesota.com/blog/

http://www.jimswyfe.com hacked

jueves, 9 de abril de 2009 | Tags: | 0 comentario [ Mas... ]

facebook freezer

letter de ban america y ebay




Listado de diccionarios

Listado de diccionarios: http://www.theargon.com/achilles/wordlists/

Pack de diccionarios (Rar): http://rapidshare.com/files/217148810/wordlists_theargonlists_mirror.rar

Md5Sum: 8bb073319e28869c3b06c97ad03b83b4

Wordlist Brute force

Xss+Cookie V1

sniffer + Panal de COntrol+ base64_encoder

Es casi Perfecto..

pruebenlo Y Saquen cookie

Mas despues le voy a enseñar el bug de hotmail para que saquen cookie y roben mas facil y rapido


https://corp.skymaxdominicana.com Xss

Disculpen POr portejer Algunos datos

miércoles, 8 de abril de 2009 | Tags: | 0 comentario [ Mas... ]

Dork Sql Injection Search

This little program makes it possible to seek site

vulnerable by the injection sql

Multilingual Google research (11)

Engine (5)

Project: Dork Sql Injection Search by Jonathan59

Open Edition! Vb6

thank you for dork;

Download Link


martes, 7 de abril de 2009 | Tags: | 0 comentario [ Mas... ]

(LFI/RFI/SQLI/XSS) by Reiluke


1. Added “Get from all domains”, included in the app is domain.txt w/c contains common domains, if you want to search for all domains just check this and click scan sites, it will give a lot more results than before, included also is domain2.txt if you want to use all domains, just rename to domain.txt

2. SQLi extensive - will add more parameter comma, parenthesis, double qoute, qoute, to generate errors, it will make scanning longer

3. SQLi cond - its page comparison, program will get results from “and 1=0? and “and 1=1? compares them if there are changes, also for strings “‘ and 1=0/*” and “‘ and 1=1/*”, its not accurate 50/50 because of sites with ad’s w/c changes html source everytime you visit the page

4. XSS checking - now this is 98% accurate, its a wrapper of internet explorer, eliminating false positives, its slow so i recommend you set a timeout in ie http://www.google.com/search?q=timeout+ ... =firefox-a <– some guides, if you dont it sometimes stops at the middle (default timeout in ie is 10min lol), also disable IE images at advanced options, this will make checking faster.

5. LFI scan - added sa simple lfi scan, its error based, if it detects an file inclusion error, its added to the list, it appends “/etc/passwd? at the end, its not the correct path but a sample, you can use lfi fuzzer to check directories (im planning making one as perl avaiable fuzzer dont ~censored~ work)

6. RFI scan - will included a simple textfile and check contents, RFI is very few right now but with good dork you will find em, its 98% accurate, 2% is false positives…the file is included but not parsed

to do: multiple dork scan


fixed a multhreading issue, now it will test faster with specified threads
added different google countries to search for
added additional parameter to force errors

i got tired of filtering sites so i made one :lol:
its error based, the probability of sql injection is good but may give false positives, still working on other methods to detect (eg 1=0/1=1 + union + etc..)
support mysql,sqlserver,mcaccess,cfm..
it uses blackle so you can get 5000 test sites, after that use a proxy

Download mu:


Download maxishare:


Priamos Project - SQL Injector and Scanner

Priamos Project - SQL Injector and Scanner

PRIAMOS is a powerful SQL Injector & Scanner


lunes, 6 de abril de 2009 | Tags: | 0 comentario [ Mas... ]

Lista de Scanners para SQL Injection.

Ciber Protesta

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