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THC HackSuite BETA

THC HackSuite BETA

THC HackSuite is a CMS that has existed for years and it's general purpose was brute forcing ftp servers, html logins and pop3 boxes, but can be used to do practically anything.

I've completely re-coded the backbone of the original program and as an addition threw in a jQuery powered environment with a very sexy template.

I'm looking for ppl willing to test the program, so made this version available for download.

The Suite itself is basically a CMS, and can be expanded with new modules and apps very easily without any knowledge of programming or whatsoever.

The HackSuite itself comes with basic features, here are some:
- automatic module plug-n-play
- task polling
- xhtml compliant template
- lots of debug options
- quick jQuery powered documentation
- ip based access
- log system
- new app configurator
- configurable and fast html test login to simulate real life login environments where you can test your scripts against
- and much more!

Even more options will be added in future releases, so stay tuned.

Here are some examples of modules in action, including polling options for tasks.

THC_SB => Speedtouch/Thomson/Home BT default wpa/wep key bf:

THC_AF => Hacks FTP servers using dictionary attacks:

You can find all modules and other goodies right here:

Happy hacking :D
THC_HS (no waiting time)     

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