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Havij 1.12

sábado, 23 de octubre de 2010 | Tags: | 2 Comentarios

What's New?
-HTTPS Support
-MsSQL Blind added
-MsAccess Blind added (Commerical version only)
-PostgreSQL added (Commerical version only)
-Check for update added.
-Manual queries with result added. (Commerical version only)
-1 row per 1 request (all in one request) added (Commerical version only)
-Dumping data into file added (Commerical version only)
-Saving data in XML format added (Commerical version only)
-Injecting targets with any port added (default http port is 80) (Commerical version only)
-XSS bug in saved reports fixed.
-Clear log added.
-Apply button added to the settings so it is possible to change the settings anytime (Commerical version only)
-keyword test and correction method added.
-finding columns count and string column optimized for better injection and data base detecting.
-Finding columns count and string column made better.
-"414 Request-URI too long" bug fixed.
-New method for getting tables and columns in mssql added.
-Some bugs in MsAccess injection when syntax has been defined manually fixed.
-Enable XP_Exec added to cmdshell (Commerical version only)
-Enable OS_Ex added to cmdshell (Commerical version only)
-Enable remote desktop added to cmdshell (Commerical version only)
-Confusing MsSQL 2005 with MySQL when finding columns count fixed.
-Broken MD5 cracker sites removed.
-a bug in detecting mssql no error fixed.
-a bug in getting columns in mssql no error fixed.
-a bug in injecting into access database fixed.
-a bug in getting data in mssql fixed.
-a bug in finding mssql's row count fixed.
-a bug in detecting database type when column count is found fixed.
-a bug in MsSQL no error manual syntax and command executation fixed.
http://www.multiupload.com/ICJDSYRQ0G free
http://uploading.com/files/get/bb31dafc/ profesional

2 Respondiendo
on 25 de octubre de 2010, 6:56  

Es la versión Free.

Alguno tiene la professional?


It is the Free version.

Some have the professional?


on 10 de diciembre de 2010, 19:35  

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