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Nuke sploits pack

miércoles, 20 de enero de 2010 | Tags: | 4 Comentarios

Nuke spl0its p4ck, exploits system, exploit kit, exploit toolkit

Description exploit pack of the author

Nuke spl0its p4ck


- Ajax statistics
- Download exe, depending on the country
- Built kriptor
- Js triggering check sploitov
- Blocking of ip
- Atvorizatsiya in admin panel
- Minimum load on the server
- Easy installation


- Total (hosts, loady, breaking)
- Browsers (hosts, loady, breaking)
- Axis (the hosts loady, breaking)
- Countries (hosts, loady, breaking)
- Referrals (hosts, loady, breaking)

- Pour the files on the server
- Create a new database
- Edit the file config.php
- Run the installation file install.php from your browser
- Remove the install.php file from the server
- Fill your exe on the server with the name load.exe
- Cores to pour on index.php
- Login to the admin panel admin.php

You can also load different exe files depending on the country surfer.
To do this you just need to fill exe files in the format
[country] [separator]. exe on the server. Where the symbol separator - any valid

ru-ua-bl.exe - delimiter "-" symbol of the country ru, ua, bl
usxdex.exe - the separator character "x" of the country us, de
all other countries will load the file load.exe


Buying this product, you are solely responsible for its use,
and for the consequences that may occur as a result of the use of the product is not on
purpose or with malice, or in breach of the rules of its operation.

CAUTION Use of this software for malicious purposes leads to
criminal liability under the articles of the Criminal Code!

Autor: nuclear
Locaton: Russia
Support author: true


4 Respondiendo
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