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Modifical la evaluacion de paypal

viernes, 22 de mayo de 2009 | Tags: | 1 Comentarios


Modifying Paypal Values on Lowlevel Web's

Disclaimer:I take no responsibility for you or your actions from reading this. This is for educational purposes. This is illegal, so don't do it.

Among hacking and exploration I recently started playing a mmorpg game (World of Warcraft). The game uses virtual currency to allow players to buy new items. Chineese websites exist that sell the fake currency for USD.

After finding such a site I selected how much currency I wanted and was at the checkout paying with paypal when I looked the the source of the paypals "buy now" button

https://www.paypal.com/cgi-bin/webscr?on1=Character&currency_code=USD&cmd=_xclick&business=xxxxxxx_xxx@yahoo.com&on0=Character(Orders_Num)&amount=50.04&item_name=Orders_Num%3A+ /1108643&os1=&x=28&y=21

Right in the source was variable amount with the value 50.04 That was the price for the currency amount I selected to buy. The variable item_name had my order number:1108643 which had all the details like

how much virtual currency I was getting, my players name, etc. I changed the variable amount from 50.04 to 1.00 then put the url in firefox and continued the transaction on paypal. I changed the price from $50 to $1 and paypal accepted everything without a problem.

I then checked my player in the game and I had recieved what I was supposed to pay $50 for. I had altered the price and got away with it. After having proof this worked I contacted the owner of the website and repayed them $49.

I decided to test my new discovery on another website. The website sold music cds, I added a cd to my cart and checked out. When the paypal button was displayed on the page I checked the source:

scripts begin here -->

<-- scripts end here

I changed the amount value from $17.73 to $1.00 and sent the POST. I was then at a paypal page saying: confirm order: xxxxxx price: $1.00

From there I knew it worked. Wether the person at the cd store would print the invoice and ship it OR contact FBI is beyond me.

I have now shown a simple method to modifying prices on items that are sold with paypal. Please don't get arrested, I take no responsibility for your actions. Hope you enjoyed my first article.

by focus

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on 1 de marzo de 2013, 12:48  

Congratulations Admin! Thank you so much for taking the time to share this exciting information.

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